Meetup, September 2022

Pictures from September’s Chester Film CO-OP Event at The Watergates
Thanks to Peter Simcoe for the brilliant 3D / VR demonstration. Felt like we were revisiting the 80’s with those 3D glasses though!
Thanks everyone for coming and we look forward to seeing everyone for our next event!
Please feel free to tag yourself in any of the images.
Photographs by Adam Bowler / Adam Bowler Photography & Video Services – Canon EOS R6 + Canon RF 24-105mm F4L IS + Canon EF 50mm F1.2L USM + Profoto A1x

Meetup, June 2022

Just a quiet one this month due to the Train strike

No screenings, no gear to have a play about with – however, it was nice to sit with a select few peeps & simply chew the fat about filmmaking (both Professional & Amateur), over a couple of drinks. Not entirely sure the world was put to rights…. but a darned good attempt was made!

Meetup, July 2019

Alas, because our ‘resident photographer’ Adam B wasn’t in attendance, we didn’t get any pics of the Meetup! Ooops! 🙁
Anyhoo, rest assured that normal service will be resumed next month.

Phillip Allan was also kind enough to share his latest music composition with the group!…

Meetup, June 2019

Here are some of the pictures from June’s Chester Film CO-OP’s event! We had a great selection of projects to screen from Patrick McMahon, Ryan Garry and Chat Noir Productions.

Phillip Allan was also kind enough to share his latest music composition with the group!…

Meetup, April 2019

The April Meetup was a cosy affair with a smaller than usual turn out, but that’s to be expected as it was Easter Bank holiday & loads of peeps were out doing their thing!Some work was screened, some discussions were had – you know, the usual! ;-)The winner of the competition that was set last month for a Contour ShuttlePro v2 controller, was presented with their prize (see picture in the album) & good times where had!

Meetup, June 2018

A selection of images from our June 2018 Film networking event where we screened the work from local filmmakers, editors, camera operators, composers and actors.