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Doing what Co-ops do best...

...Cooperating! The Chester Film Co-op is an endeavour dedicated to bringing the Filmmakers of Chester & the surrounding area together, to meet, share ideas & make films.

The Co-op welcomes Filmmakers of ALL abilities & experience!

Director, DoP, Actor, Musician, Sound, Design, Want to make your first film, Steven Spielberg? ALL are welcome.

We really can’t stress this enough!

A few Photos to peruse

A potted History

co-op-exterior-blackwhiteThe Chester Film Co-op was originally set up in 2013 by the late artist Janet Hodgson & housed on Northgate Street in two studios at the side of the old Odeon building (see picture). The Co-op was a place where local, national and international artists, as well as graduate students and emerging filmmakers, could spend time producing, making, researching, thinking, showing and commissioning film and video works.

We were initially funded by the RE:NEW project to bring awareness to the redevelopment of Chester’s old Odeon Building, when the major structural works commenced to turn it into the ‘STORYHOUSE’ – a cultural centre for Chester, the Co-op was homeless & funding ceased. Film Chester was formed between existing members of the Co-op, keen to keep the Co-op running as well as branching out into other aspects of the filmmaker scene in Chester.

Now run by the board of Film Chester, The Chester Film Co-op has evolved to be a collective of filmmakers from the Chester & surrounding area, who meet up every month to discuss ideas & projects that they’re working on as well as providing the opportunity to screen their work to the group. The Co-op has facilitated a series of creative networking nights, social events, independent film screenings, industry-standard equipment demonstrations, visual installations and creative workshops as well as organising various ‘pop-up’ screenings across the City, showcasing local talent and supporting the Chester film community.

watergatesThroughout 2016, the Co-op met up at the Share Shop on Northgate Street, near the new Storyhouse building. Since Jan 2017, meetups have been taking place at The Watergates Bar on Watergate Street. Check out the events links at the bottom of this page for details on the dates and locations of forthcoming Chester Film Co-op events.

Get involved!

We don't bite. Promise!

Filmmakers often don’t get in the same room with other filmmakers, yet the best way to collaborate is to network & discuss ideas with other similarly minded people. We  know that there are filmmakers out there in Chester but they’re quite possibly not aware of each other. The Co-op is a way to help the burgeoning filmmaking Community of Chester (green or experienced) to come together to create great film in the City, as well as making new friends and industry contacts.

Events etc...

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Previous Events & Meetups...

The Co-Op meets each month, usually on a Thursday evening in the second half of the month. Here's a run down of some of what's gone down at the most recent meetups...

MoCap demonstration, November 2018

Local film director Ryan Garry demonstrated his homemade motion-capture filming equipment to members of the Chester Film Co-op, his headmounted digital camera utilises facial tracking technology which can be attributed to a fully CGI character in Anghenfil, hi...

Meetup, November 2018

Film Chester hosts regular Chester Film Co-op events in Chester which are a great place to network with other filmmakers, directors, camera operators, actors, writers, composers, sound engineers and film buffs. We also hold short film screenings at our events,...

Meetup, October 2018

Another good turnout to our Chester Film CO-OP​ short film screening this month, as it's approaching Hallowe'en season we included a few horror shorts and trailers into the programme. Great to see everyone is busy working on so many local film projects and u...

Meetup, September 2018

Gallery of pictures from our September Chester Film CO-OP networking event where we screened a selection of local short films and trailers, it was great to see some new faces. Be sure to follow our Co-op page for details of any upcoming events and screenings w...

Meetup, August 2018

Gallery of pictures from our August Chester Film CO-OP networking event where we screened a selection of local short films and trailers, it was great to see some new faces. Be sure to follow our Co-op page for details of any upcoming events and screenings we a...

Upcoming events

Contact the Co-op

We tend to be most active on our Facebook page, where we  post a mix of local film news, along with some wider film industry snippets, gossip, equipment reviews & funding opportunities e.t.c…

Drop us a line via Facebook Messenger & we usually pick it up pretty quickly! 🙂



Meetups are currently hosted at The Watergates Bar.
(Watergate St, Chester, CH1 2LB)


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