Mark Smith


Mark started studying media at a young age via college and then progressed to study it further at Staffordshire University.

While at Stafford, Mark spent time studying the world of social media and how it worked, via sharing and producing content. With this experience under his belt, he turned his love for sci-fi and super heroes into a tangible asset. That love soon saw Mark traveling to conventions (internationally), where he produces interviews with celebrities as well as content to promote conventions.

Since 2006 Mark has worked on his YouTube channel paying close attention to making sure that the content is always unique and never resting on his laurals, always striving to ever increase the channel’s quality of output. With over 3 million views and growing, he was able to gain over 2 Million views in over a year and is continuing to make it grow.

In the next step of Mark’s journey he wants to build time on Airlim Productions and use his knowledge and skills to help other people create projects and start their journey in the media world.

These Days

Mark is always filming and creating new content to post online, writing up new ideas and sorting out the next convention to attend… as well as making a lot of Tea to drink!